Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

I have recently graduated from Florida A&M University after earning a Master’s degree in Computer Information Science with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. I am interested in this opportunity because I am seeking a career that can and will put my years of study to practical use. I also believe this position would provide a professional learning experience for me from which I can grow and gain quality experience both in and out of my concentrated field.

During my time as a Teacher’s Assistant in the CIS Department at Florida A&M University I developed my knowledge of Programming Languages, Object Oriented Programming, Building & Managing Relational Databases and much more. But the most valuable thing that I have learned, which helped me get through my undergraduate career and many obstacles afterwards was resourcefulness. I may not know exactly how to overcome an issue at the moment but by the end of the day I would have mastered the situation. Knowing how to use the materials and information at your disposal to solve new problems is the biggest tool that I utilize as a computer scientist and as a person in my everyday life.

As an independent Web Developer I face new issues with each client that I provide service to. It is my duty to deliver quality web pages equipped with the client’s desired functionality no matter how difficult the request is. There have been many times where I felt overwhelmed and thought that I might have taken on more than I can handle. Still, keeping in mind my most valued lesson, I know with absolute certainty that if I use all resources made available to me that I can solve any problem that comes my way.

I am a very creative and capable programmer who is eager to offer my determination and critical thinking skills to a role that will further develop me as a CIS professional. Thank you for your time and any consideration put towards me for this position. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Howard C. Smart Jr.